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We provides careful, precise, and robust processes to safely transport hazardous and dangerous goods, such as chemicals and petrochemicals. As experts in transporting dangerous cargo, KbTrans can ensure your cargo is shipped safely and in compliance with relevant regulations. We can also help you to deal with any contingency wherever you are shipping around the globe.

Advantageous options

At K&B TRANS, we are dedicated to offering the most competitive and efficient solutions for the transportation of hazardous and dangerous goods. Our priority is to deliver your goods with utmost care and safety, taking into account all your specific requirements and preferences. You can trust us to prioritize the integrity and security of your cargo while ensuring timely delivery.

Transportation method

We provide a comprehensive array of delivery methods for your goods, including air, rail, road, and sea transportation. Our team is committed to identifying the most efficient and cost-effective solution that ensures the swift delivery of your cargo while maintaining the highest standards of safety and integrity. Rest assured, we will carefully assess each option to meet your specific requirements and guarantee a seamless transportation experience.

Extensive experience

In addition to our comprehensive experience in hazardous and dangerous goods transportation, K&B TRANS is well-versed in handling ADR shipments. Our team is thoroughly trained and knowledgeable in adhering to the specific requirements and regulations outlined in the ADR framework. With a strong commitment to safety and compliance, we meticulously plan and execute ADR shipments, ensuring that your hazardous goods are transported securely and in accordance with the ADR guidelines.

About us

K&B TRANS is a group of reliable professionals with an extensive experience in logistics. Our company organizes more than 250 – 300 shipments per month. Your cargo’s safety and regulatory compliance are of utmost importance to us, and you can trust K&B TRANS to deliver a reliable and professional transportation service for hazardous goods.



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